Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Diana Diversion

11" x 14", charcoal

Diana pestered me until I did this sketch last night. I gave her some finishing touches this morning so I probably spent about 1-2 hours on her, she could use more time (that I don't have!). My box of charcoals had not been opened for at least a decade, it brought back memories of a figure drawing class I had about 20+ years ago! 

I did this from a poor quality laser print out of nothing other than laziness, which I was kicking myself for later. I suppose it kept me from getting caught up in details tho. I had to cheat a bit by putting a few little marks on the paper for her arms, head and feet from a rough tracing I did. I put it away after that so I wouldn't be tempted to use it again. My drawing skills are rusty and I really need to do more.

I had no business even doing this since I've got a couple of design projects that REALLY need my attention right now, but I didn't want to miss out on another DSFDF!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Superior Day

A Superior Day
6" x 8", oil

After looking at all those beautiful beach scenes on DSFDF I had to look thru my photos for my own beach scene. This one is from my favorite place to be on sweltering day, the beach near Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior. My daughter was playing while watching mom or dad? in the kayak and her brother and grandpa snorkeling, grandma took the picture.

This was another big challenge for me, my second try at painting a figure. As usually the parts I thought would be easy (rocks) were difficult and the parts I thought would be hard (figures) went pretty easy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tagged with Random Passion

Its late Weds. and I was unable to do the latest DSFDF (which I was really looking forward to). After a spring break trip last week and being a "single mom" this week I couldn't make it happen : (

So instead of sulking about it I'll send a belated thank you out to a number of amazing folks who have been kind enough to "award" me over the last couple months.

As fun as the awards and tagging are, in my book they qualify as a "chain". I just can't bear to break my lifelong streak of never participating in chain mail of any kind. So instead I will list the wonderful artists who have tagged me, please check them out if you don't already know them, or even if you do!

1. Sheila Tajima - Sheila's new project Art for the Animals is truly inspirational, she's just a dynamo!
2. Tom Pohlman - This guys just blows me away (get this--he thought I was inspirational?!?)
3. Lauren - Wonderful watercolor artist, I especially love her landscapes.
4. James Parker - His blogs can't be missed, he is a HOOT. His paintings are darn good too!