Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can't Get Me Down - SOLD

Can't Get Me Down
oil, 6" x 6"

I don't know what it was, but I just got obsessed with DPW Challenge this week. Normally I would steer clear of flowers since I've never been happy with any flowers I've painted. I guess that's why this challenge was a HUGE challenge for me.

The challenge had a limited palette of Ultra. Blue, Cad Red Lt, Cad Yellow Lt. and white, plus it had to be done in 1 hour, plein aire.

After 6--yes 6!! failed attempts and 6 hours of frustration I finally got something I can live with. I sat in the rain outside with my umbrella and in between the kid related interruptions I was able to get this thing knocked out in the 1 hour time limit--just barely.


  1. I love it Carrie and the story that goes along with it...just wish you had a photo taken of you painting in the rain. The colors are beautiful and great composition! They really look like Marigolds too!

    Can't wait 'til we go camping and painting up north!

  2. Beautiful painting! Glad you kept on without giving up. Love the looseness and warmth of the flowers!

  3. Ten out of ten for perseverence,and also for the fantastic painting!

  4. Carrie, you are one tenacious artist! Lol! Going above and beyond the call, I commend your excellent outcome. NICE work!