Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pig Race - SOLD

Pig Race
6" x 8", oil

I celebrated my birthday today by finally doing another painting. It's pretty bad when I had a snow scene on there in May, so at least I've got my blog in the correct season now.

Why pigs? Don't know. They were just so cute, I took the photo at our local Schuster's Playtime Farm during the "pig races". I'm sort of in farm animal mode right now, since I'm reading "The Face On Your Plate". Except for the occasional fish face, I don't have faces on my plate anyway, but maybe I'll put some of their faces in my paintings. Or perhaps by the time I get back to painting again I'll be in landscape mode, who knows...

Now for some photo tips:

Before photographing my previous painting, I spent some time researching and experimenting to find the best way to photograph paintings. I also got myself a small collapsable photo tent to diffuse the light.

So here is what I've found:

--Set the camera farther away and zoom all the way in.

--Set lights nearly parallel to the subject on either side and on top if glare is a problem.

--Set camera to ISO 100.

--Use AV setting and set f-stop to 8 or higher, 8 or 10 seems to work for my lighting.

--Try to use a fast shutter speed if possible.


  1. Happy Birthday Carrie!!!!
    I am lovin' this piggie painting. You captured their unique cuteness as they head for that prize at the finish line. I am so enjoying my painting. It is a bright spot in my room.

  2. Happy Birthday my dear daughter!

    You amaze me...I knew your painting would turn out fantastic when I heard you were going to drag out your paints, after a long stretch of not painting. Love the little piglets and warm colors with cool shadows...great composition too!

  3. Happy Birthday! You gave yourself a wonderful gift with this lovely painting. The look on those pigs' faces put a huge smile on my face. Great job!


  4. Happy Birthday! Yes those pigs put a smile on my face too - they are too cute and done in such a painterly way.

  5. I love these pigs! We're incredibly lucky to get your art in our home :)!

  6. This is a wonderful painting! I love the composition and all of the soft color.

  7. What a darling painting. These pigs are so sweet.