Thursday, May 20, 2010

Feathers & Fluff - SOLD

Feathers & Fluff
6" x 8", oil

I had a nice photo session with our hens the other day, this one is a little bantam hen. The eggs are really at their best now with all the fresh grass and bugs to eat, yum (eggs, not bugs)! I didn't quite capture what I had hoped to with this one, but there are some things I like about it anyway.

I'm making arrangements to put some paintings in a new gallery nearby. Working with a gallery and pricing my work is pretty new to me so I did a little research. I ran across this piece that I think helps give some perspective on pricing artwork so I thought I'd share it:

Robert Genn's Ten Commandments of Art Pricing
Thou shalt start out cheap.
Thou shalt publish thy prices.
Thou shalt raise thy prices regularly and a little.
Thou shalt not lower thy prices.
Thou shalt not have one price for Sam and another for Joe.
Thou shalt not price by talent or time taken, but by size.
Thou shalt not easily discount thy prices.
Thou shalt lay control on thy agents and dealers.
Thou shalt deal with those who will honour thee.
Thou shalt end up expensive.


  1. Lovely little piece Carrie, I'm guessing it will sell no matter the price!

  2. I'm so envious you have your own chickens. They must be fun to watch sometimes. How wonderful that you'll be hanging [the paintings not you yourself] at the gallery! Post a photo when you've all settled.

  3. Carrie it's so great to see you back painting. These farmyard pieces are fun and really well done. Good on you to have a gallery opportunity, I think you'll do well. I get Robert's letters too, and find them so informative and entertaining at the same time.

  4. Love the clean colors in your painting-- just lovely.

    Thanks for posting the 'commandments'-- good food for thought!

  5. Wonderful painting of the little Bantam hen, Carrie! Very nice handling of the background, love your loose brushstrokes and colors!

    I will be looking forward to seeing your work hanging in the new gallery. I'm impressed!

  6. Lovely. Mother hen has a nice expression :)

  7. Carrie, I really have enjoyed seeing all of your lovely paintings, you capture the essence of subject so beautifully.

  8. Thou shalt paint more often! If Wisconsin ever calms down and we have time on the weekends again.